The TECHMATIK factory was founded in summer 2004 in the Radom Subzone of the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone, in Poland.

The TECHMATIK offer includes: molds for production of concrete pavers and decorative concrete products; modern high-performance concrete block making machines; complete production plants; concrete batching plants; and various machines related to the production process of dry-cast concrete products and ready-mixed concrete. All production plants are equipped exclusively with the most advanced state-of-the-art machines ensuring high output and reliability of production and superior quality of products. Our machines, devices and molds are designed for high-performance operation on steel production boards, which make it possible to obtain the best product properties by thorough compacting. At the same time production costs can be significantly lowered by the reduction of cement added.

The offer is supplemented with the manufacturing process control systems. These include control modules for individual process stages and integrated control systems for the entire manufacturing process. Moreover, TECHMATIK offers services in the area of repair, refurbishment and maintenance of all machines and equipment.

The Company constantly extends its portfolio of machines and devices which – prior to commercialization – are thoroughly tested.

The superior quality confirmed by ISO 9001- certified quality management system, the performance and output levels of machines and molds produced, and competitive prices – these are the reasons why TECHMATIK is one of the leading manufacturers of machines and plants for the production of concrete pavers, and one of the leaders in the production of molds for precast concrete products.


Our modern approach combined with a long-term experience in concrete products production, innovative and high-quality machines, devices, and molds, has already been appreciated by hundreds of customers from over 50 countries on almost all continents. The company delivers its solutions directly to customers in many European and Asian countries, both Americas, Australia and New Zealand.

We have produced:

Production plants

Techmatik is a Columbia Machine Inc. company.

Established in 1937, Columbia Machine is a third generation, privately held company, a world leader in design, manufacture and support of equipment for a variety of industries, with customers in above 100 countries around the world. The main product portfolio of the company contains solutions related to devices and molds for the manufacture of concrete products, packaging machines and robots, conveyor systems, manipulators and manufacturing services.