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The manufacture of molds is tailored to the individual needs of our customers. We also offer a full range of services related to mold refurbishment and repair. We make every effort to ensure that our products have the longest life span and guarantee high-quality concrete products. Mold production is based on our company’s own quality standards. Through continuous improvement of technological processes, implemented by our qualified personnel of design engineers and technologists, the highest quality of molds and services related to their maintenance can be offered. Introduction of new technological solutions is always preceded by tests, which makes it possible to control the quality and continuously improve the production process. We always try to recognize the needs of our customers and meet the growing market demands.





The highest quality of molds requires a comprehensive approach to production and attention to the slightest details. Therefore, all production
processes, starting with cutting steel, treatment on numerically controlled machines, hardening, ending with the assembly, are
carried out in the production plant of the TECHMATIK company in Radom, fully controlled by our designers and engineers. The highest
quality and functionality of the Techmatik molds is ensured by:

  • Our know-how and many years of experience in manufacturing molds
  • The highest quality of steel supplied by renowned manufacturers
  • Our experienced team of designers, engineers, and production workers
  • Modern and complex production machine park
  • DYNAHARD – an innovative hardening method that guarantees high abrasion resistance
  • Complete control of the entire production process in a single plant
  • Comprehensive quality control, supported by standards of ISO 9001

Customers are always in the center of our attention, therefore, apart from production of new molds, we offer them a comprehensive
used mold repair and regeneration service and sales of spare parts. To meet the growing demands of our customers, we constantly
monitor the market and recognize the needs of manufacturers of concrete block products. This approach makes us confident that we
supply our customers with modern, first-class products.


The quality of molds is affected not only by the technological process, but also by the quality of material used for production. Quality control starts as early as on the steel delivery stage. The quality of steel delivered to our factory is examined by means of various methods and tests, e.g. ultrasonic examination of every steel sheet used for mold manufacture. Examination is made with the use of a dedicated cart with a transmitting/receiving head and a flaw detector installed. The material is checked for discontinuities such as delaminations, lappings, cracks, and chip weldings, the presence of gas bubbles and nonmetallic intrusions. During mold production process, all welded joints are examined by means of ultrasonic method. The quality of joints is specified in the PN-EN 25817:1997 standard. Welded joints are examined for the occurrence of flaws such as cracks, chip weldings, pinholes, and gas bubbles. Ultrasonic examinations are also performed during repair and refurbishment jobs for molds and other devices. We cooperate exclusively with reliable steel suppliers who guarantee the premium quality material delivered.


Liner cavities and stamp plates are machined on high class, three- and five-axis CNC machining centers developed by machine tool manufacturers like FPT, Mori Seiki, and Hartford. These centers ensure a very precise machining process and, what is the most important for the quality of concrete products, high accuracy and repeatability of mold liner cavity dimensions. Liner cavity wall surface is treated to facilitate the demolding of vibrated concrete and ensure reliable mold operation. Tamper shoes are made with circumferential clearance of about 0.3 ÷ 0.4 mm for low molds and 0.5 ÷ 0.6 mm for the high ones. Such small circumferential clearance of the cavity guarantees top quality of concrete product and extends mold lifetime.

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