1000 Splitter

Splitters are used to split low concrete products such as hollow blocks. They are equipped with a system for positioning the product on the working table.

The splitters represent a new product series of machines for splitting concrete products. The machine body, working elements (hydraulic actuators incl.) have been developed and manufactured by Techmatik. Automatic control components come from reputable manufacturers.


  • Precise splitting of large packages
  • Possibility of splitting natural stone
  • Adjustable working table

Ergonomics and versatility, due to:

  • Bar setting structure, where the system of two actuators of 165m stroke and two pull actuators of 400 mm stroke is connected with splitting jaws, which prevents load transfer to the arm of the splitter. This system also provides the ability to adjust the splitting jaws to a stone with an irregular shape. Thanks to the height-adjustable table the splitter may be fitted into the existing conveyor flight.
  • A hydraulic station with the nominal working pressure of 200 bar is driven by an 7.5 kW electric motor, equipped with an oil cooler with 0.12 kW fan .

The machine is intended for splitting entire packages of stones and enables also splitting irregularly shaped natural stones.

Splitters – proven solutions:

  • Side actuators are equipped with linear guides
  • Adjustable limit switches enabling stepless adjustment of knife’s working stroke depending on the size of the split products
  • High safety of operator’s work thanks to the application of synchronized controls, safety switches, and steplessly adjustable workspace shields.