SPM Mixers

The family of planetary mixers for each type of concrete ensures a fast mixing cycle by using the initial water dosing. Precise mixing of concrete is achieved thanks to the application of optimal number of mixing blades. The high degree of concrete mix homogenization is achiewved by application of the high-speed rotor - wirbler.


• Short mixing cycle through the initial water dosing
• Accurate mixing of concrete mix due to optimum number of mixing blades
• Compact design and reliable drives delivered by the SEW company
• Simple operation and easy maintenance
• Quiet operation
• Integrated hydraulic station


• 8 years warranty period for the mixer
• Special steel lining of HARDOX 500, 700 type
• One discharge flap opened downwards, hydraulically controlled
• Emergency opening by a manual pump in case of power failure
• Safety system for cleaning the mixer – the door is blocked during mixer operation
• Mixing unit equipped with polyurethane blades and scrapers
• AIR BAG venting system


• Washing nozzles system with initial water dosing
• Moisture content measuring probe
• Additional hydraulically opened discharge flap
• Discharge flap opened horizontally, hydraulically or pneumatically controlled
• Inspection glass

• Wirbler


MIXERUNITSPM-375SPM-500SPM-750SPM-1125SPM-1750SPM-2250SPM-3000SPM-3750SPMW 750SPMW 500
Dry fillingl/kg375/600500/820750/12001125/18001750/28002250/36003000/48003750/6000750/1200500/820
Unit output per cycle0,250,330,50,751,151,522,50,50,33
Minimum dry fillingkg15020030045070090012001500300200
Weight of the mixerkg31003200410042307350737089001360044003520
Driving powerkW9,2152x9,22x152x222x302x372x552x9,2 +1515 + 11
Number of discharge openingspcs1111111111
Total height, motor incl. (A)mm2220222024202420274027402920327525002220
Height of mixer drum, including supports (B)mm1325132515201520169016901720186515201325
Height of mixer drum with no supports,
with flange (C)
Maximum total diameter (D)mm1940194022002200300030003220378522001940
Height of mixer drum (E)mm6906907357359009009001030735690
Internal diameter of mixer drum (F))mm1560156019861986268026802900345519861560
MIXER DRUMSPM-375SPM-500SPM-750SPM-1125SPM-1750SPM-2250SPM-3000SPM-3750SPMW 750SPMW 500
Number of mixing stars1111222211
Number of mixing blades2222444622
Number of upper scrapers--1122221-
Number of side scrapers1111111211
Number of corner scrapers111122221 wirbler1 wirbler