THE MANUFACTURE OF MOLDS The manufacture of molds is tailored to the individual needs of our customers. We also offer(...)

Regeneration of molds

WHY US? Short lead times – 4 weeks only! Depending on the mould wear, we can guarantee the lead time(…)

Upper and lower rotary platform

The upper rotary platform mates with the lower rotary platform, and the stacking and destacking device, delivering or collecting concrete(…)

Rack System

The rack system has light, durable and spatial structure made of galvanized elements, which makes it highly corrosion resistant. It(…)


The task of the robot is to collect finished concrete products from the v-belt cs conveyor, transfer it to, and(…)

Wrapping machine

The automatic wrapping machine is fitted with a device for wrapping with a strap with manufacturer’s logo. The wrapping machine(…)

Commercial pallet feeder

The device is intended for feeding commercial pallets to the station of the ROBOMATIC packaging robot which performs the packaging(…)

Boards feeder

The device provides storage and smooth circulation of boards in the production plant. Modern motors in the Servo technology applied(…)

Reject tipper

The reject tipper is intended for removing products qualified as rejects from the board, by rotating the board by an(…)